“All family businesses are dysfunctional.” 

“Owners only care about dividends.” 

False assumptions about the motives of family business owners lead to one-size-fits-all recommendations…

“Prune the tree!”  “Buy out non-managing owners!”  “Sell the business, and put the proceeds in trust!”

Such simplistic recommendations can misdirect your efforts to make tough decisions about the future. As your family and your business grow more complex with each generation, you need governance structure and strategy designed to achieve your vision of success, not conventional wisdom’s.

We’ve built MoreAtStake.com for owners of family businesses—whether you work in the business or not.

Whether you’re a founder or fifth-generation inheritor, we’re committed to bringing you unbiased, in-depth information on the topics that matter to you.

What keeps you up at night?

Conflicts? Governance? Strategy? Estate Planning? Succession? Trusts? Boards of Directors? Family Offices?

As you learn…

– How to form an Owners Council
– How to tell a family member they’re not performing
– How to create a reinvestment/distribution policy

…you’ll find you’re engaging your family, and defining your future!

You’ll find insight, information, and actionable recommendations.

With articles, podcasts, infographics, and videos, MoreAtStake.com offers new perspectives in multiple formats, no matter your level of knowledge.

As you enter our family stories—Engaging, about the Owen siblings, third-generation owners of a terra cotta manufacturer, and Disengaging, about the Cannon family, grape-growers and winemakers in Northern California—you will develop a richer, deeper understanding of the issues that family business owners like you deal with every day.

Will the Owens sell their business after three generations of commitment and toil? What exactly did Pete Cannon’s will say, and why has it pitted his children and grandchildren against each other? Dive deeper into realistic challenges through our Engaging and Disengaging series.

Join us at More at Stake and ensure you are getting the family business knowledge that makes the difference.