An Interview with Dennis Jaffe

An Interview with Dennis Jaffe

by | 'Sep 20, 2017' | Family Business Ownership, More at Stake: The Family Business Podcast | 0 comments


This week, Amelia welcomes Dennis Jaffe to More at Stake: The Family Business Podcast. In our interview, Dennis discusses his latest book, Governing the Family Enterprise: The Evolution of Family Councils, Assemblies and Constitutions.

Dennis has been at the leading edge of thinking in the family-enterprise space for over four decades. In this interview, learn from the master as he provides commentary and insight gathered from families across the globe.

Dennis and Amelia discuss the qualities of “generative families,” and how these extraordinary families are able to meet the challenges of the coming generations as they grow and become more complex.

You can learn more about Dennis through our Contributors page, or through Dennis’s website.