Engaged Ownership Audiobook | Part II Chapters 4-6

Engaged Ownership Audiobook | Part II Chapters 4-6

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Part II: Getting Organized – For Family Business Owners

Part II of Engaged Ownership provides a foundation for how family business owners can increase engagement to provide better stewardship to their family and enterprise.

You will learn about the complex relationships among owners, board of directors, management, and family within the family business system, and how those wearing multiple “hats” can better navigate their responsibilities. You will also learn how family history, legacy, and natural governance affect the culture and environment within the family business system.

Perhaps most importantly, Part II illustrates the significance of a family’s Core Capital—Human Capital and Enterprise Capital, in addition to Financial Capital—and how it can be put to use both inside and outside the business.

Listen in to hear insightful information and actionable steps for improving the role family business owners play in the family enterprise.

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