The Engaged Ownership Audiobook | Part I

The Engaged Ownership Audiobook | Part I

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Welcome to the Engaged Ownership: A Guide for Owners of Family Businesses audiobook. To purchase a hardcover copy of Engaged Ownership (and receive a complementary Engagement Toolkit Map Book) visit our store.

Part I | Engaged Ownership: An Introduction

Part I introduces the concept of engaged ownership—a different paradigm for family business owners and advisors. Engaged owners bring a deep understanding of their core capital and vision for the future. Advisors who understand the concepts and process of engaged ownership are far better equipped to work effectively with their family business clients.

Chapter 1: More at Stake than Money

Family business owners are regularly presented as the villains in media presentations of family businesses, but they can be a core strength of the business. Achieving engaged ownership requires owners and advisors alike to think differently about the roles and responsibilities of family owners, their shared purpose, and their collective vision for the future.

Chapter 2: Achieving Engaged Ownership

Owners must organize and lead the work to achieve engagement—it is not a process that the board or management can orchestrate. This chapter discusses when owners should undertake the process of engagement and emphasizes the importance of undertaking engagement in connection with a significant transition.

Chapter 3: Engaged Ownership: Hallmarks and Impediments

Chapter 3 discusses the four hallmarks of engaged ownership: interest, understanding, ability, and longsightedness/broadsightedness; and impediments to engaged ownership: public company governance, convention wisdom favoring controlling owners, focusing succession narrowly on the business rather than core capital, and denigration of inherited ownership.

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