The Engagement Toolkit – One-Day Masterclass

Become Your Family Business Clients’ Best Asset

Discover how to serve the unique ecosystem of family businesses, open conversations, broaden options, and work better as a group with your clients. Whether you serve as a wealth manager, as part of a family office, or as a trusts & estates attorney, you will be better prepared to align your expertise with your clients’ goals.


Learn how your team can work with the wider family group and help clients with tunnel vision see their future more broadly.

Understand the different areas you and your team can get involved.


Award-winning consultant, author and family business owner Amelia Renkert-Thomas brings her One-Day Interactive Masterclass for Family Business Advisors to New York this June.


Key Benefits of Attending

Understand all your clients’ unique capital advantages, and how human, enterprise, and financial capital can be leveraged to create opportunities.

You will be well-equipped to have conversations with family members with differing needs, on the topics that matter to them most.

You will have a common language and set of resources that guide you and your team and identify ways in which you can get more involved.

You will have workbooks, videos and resources that you can choose to use with your clients to build on your family business services.

Gain Applicable Knowledge And Tools To Implement Now

Amelia will go beyond theory and share proven practical tools and techniques following two decades of knowledge from her roles as a family business owner/manager, former lawyer to successful family enterprises and highly-regarded family business consultant.

You will gain valuable insights and practical applications to have more effective conversations with your family business clients, understand what keeps them up at night, and how you can best serve the entire family in your role as an advisor.

You will receive a framework for engagement, integrated materials, and a common language to get family business advisors working together in multi-disciplinary teams.

In Addition You Will Receive

Practical Resources

Videos, Workbooks and Materials

Get access to videos of the modules covered on the day, to refer to at a later date and incorporate into your client meetings, should you wish. You will receive all of the educational materials, questionnaires, discussion questions, infographics, and more—everything you need to conduct your own sessions with your family business clients.

The Omnibus, which includes educational materials, questionnaires, discussion questions, infographics, and more

The Map Book, which provides an infographic-based overview of the key themes and take-aways of each of the six Engagement Toolkit modules.

Videos of the modules covered on the day, for you to refer back to and use with your family business clients.

A subscription to

Unlock a trove of family business information, including articles, interviews, instructional videos, regular insights, tips, and much more, from Amelia Renkert-Thomas and her team of expert contributors. Deep-dive into specific issues and hear from expert advisors in the field, on More at Stake: The Family Business Podcast.

Articles and insights from experts in the family business advising space

Illustrative examples of everyday decisions and challenges family business owners face.

Interviews and the Engaged Ownership audiobook from More at Stake: The Family Business Podcast.

A Hardcopy of Engaged Ownership

A Guide for Owners of Family Businesses

Get insights into the challenges and decisions family business clients face with your copy of Engaged Ownership, written by Amelia Renkert-Thomas and published by Wiley. Engaged Ownership follows the story of the Owen children as they take over the business after the unexpected death of their father, and offers 224 pages of new paradigms, practical tools, and creative solutions for family business owners and their advisors.

Insight into different personality types and roles within the family enterprise.

A layout of the day-to-day practice of Engaged Ownership, including actionable steps owners can take.

A framework for decision-making practices to maximize every form of capital—human and enterprise, as well as financial capital.

Next Training Date

New York

20 June 2018

Limited to 15 Delegates

This Training Course is for you if

✓ You work with multi-generational family business owners

✓ You want to learn more about governance and succession planning
✓ You want to learn how to communicate effectively with family members with differing needs
✓ You are looking for ways to develop your family business services
✓ You want to understand the different areas that your teams can get involved in
✓ You want to promote a shared vision and consistent language across different functions of your business
✓ You would like to chair and facilitate round table events with your family clients.


Delegate Price

Masterclass Package

Full One-Day Masterclass Training

Videos of modules

A hardcopy of Engaged Ownership: A Guide for Owners of Family Businesses

Copy of the Omnibus, Map Book, Advisor Notes, and additional resources

A Subscription to, including More at Stake: The Family Business Podcast

Access to our closed Linkedin Group for further support


Per attendee (discounts are available for groups from the same firm)