What is More at Stake?
Welcome to MoreAtStake.com. We bring a different, thought-provoking perspective on what it means to be part of a family business, and to build the kind of engagement among owners, board, management, and family that can propel your enterprise—and all its forms of capital—to achieve your Vision of success.
We started this site because we believe that much of the advice offered to enterprising families is based on assumptions that just don’t hold up:
  • That owners of family businesses are only in it for the money.
  • That management should be the primary decision-maker when it comes to allocating capital.
  • That public company governance is the best model for family business governance.
Our experience working with enterprising families proves over and over how shortsighted and even dangerous those assumptions can be.
More at Stake stands for the idea that owners can, and should, play a critical role in defining the Shared Purpose and Vision for the future of the enterprise, and that by deploying all their forms of capital—Financial, Human, and Enterprise—Owners can help strengthen the business and the family.
More at Stake moves beyond the general blather, to provide information you can really use. We invite you to join us as we explore what it means to be an engaged owner of a family business.
How do I subscribe to More at Stake?

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What is Engaging?

We believe that family business owners are an asset, and have a unique perspective on the family and the business. Engaged owners have a shared Vision, understand what has been invested in the business over time, and make decisions based on the family’s unique Core Capital. Engaging explores the process of becoming an engaged owner.

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What is Disengaging?

For some families, there are inherent challenges, such as conflict, deep-seated issues, and estate planning structures, that pit one family member against another. For those families, engaging is no longer an option, and other alternatives are needed. Disengaging explores the process of discovering and exploring those alternatives.

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Who is Amelia Renkert-Thomas?

Amelia is an award-winning family business consultant and author of Engaged Ownership: A Guide for Owners of Family Businesses. She has worked with family businesses for over two decades, first as a lawyer in the estate and tax planning fields, and later as a consultant. She has served as president of her own family business, and has first-hand experience of the issues family businesses face.

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Who are the More at Stake Contributors, and what are their credentials?

We have an ever-expanding team of Contributors, consisting of some of the finest minds in family business thinking. Our Contributors work in a number of different industries—from tax and legal, to behavioral psychology, to governance and investment.

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As a Family Business Owner, what do I get with my More at Stake subscription?

Your More at Stake subscription ensures you have the tools and information you need to go beyond so-called “best practices.” You’ll have access to articles from award-winning family business consultant Amelia Renkert-Thomas and our extraordinary Contributing Authors—David Burleigh, Ken McCracken, Lee Hausner, Roy Kozupsky, Dennis Jaffe, Blair Trippe, and others.

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As a Family Business Advisor, what do I get with my More at Stake subscription?

A More at Stake Membership provides cutting-edge thought leadership in governance design, succession and estate planning, ownership practices, and decision-making strategies from Amelia Renkert-Thomas and our incredible contributing authors—Ken McCracken, David Burleigh, Roy Kozupsky, Lee Hausner, Dennis Jaffe, and others.

More at Stake offers biweekly articles, podcasts, webinars, free downloadable guides and checklists, and videos, to help enhance your relationships with clients and reduce communicative barriers and misunderstandings. Tap into More at Stake’s international community of family business owners and advisors, build new relationships, attract new clients, and place yourself at the innovative forefront of the family business world.

Plus, upgrade to a firm-wide Corporate Membership to give your top clients access to the wide breadth of More at Stake content, as well as special promotional pricing for our Advisor Training, The Engagement Toolkit Omnibus, and The Engagement Toolkit seminars. If you’d like to discuss our Corporate Membership Package, call us now at 919.908.6950, or email the team at office@moreatstake.com

What is the Engagement Toolkit?

For family business owners, success depends on good decisions. The Engagement Toolkit is a step-by-step learning system that provides family business owners and their advisors with all the tools they need to work effectively as a group, helping strengthen their decision-making skills by becoming more engaged and informed. The Toolkit is structured in six modules, each containing concept maps, infographics, informational excerpts, Exploration and Possibility Questions, and sample responses, to help owners build their engagement tools in the following key areas:

  • Understanding Core Capital
  • Articulating Shared Purpose, Vision, & Mission
  • Building Forums, including Board of Directors, Owners Council, Family Assembly, and Beneficiary Council
  • Creating Effective Meetings
  • Allocating Decision-Making Power
  • Developing Policies

For further information visit: www.engagedownership.com

What is video consulting?

Video Consulting gives you first-hand access to Amelia Renkert-Thomas and her decades of experience as a family business consultant. This digital consulting service—available through Renkert Thomas Consulting—allows you to meet with Amelia remotely in live video sessions, maximizing the convenience of your consulting services, while easing the burden of scheduling for your ownership group. We utilize HD video and audio equipment to ensure crystal-clear communications and productive sessions.

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How do I become a More at Stake Contributor?

For information on our Contributing Authors program, contact us at office@moreatstake.com. We’re always looking to broaden our perspective and add new voices.

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