As a family business, you have unique challenges.

One of those challenges is taking into account the differing perspectives and objectives of each individual and group of individuals within your enterprise—from the Board to family business Owners, Managers to family members, and, in some cases, Trustees and Beneficiaries.

To ensure you are making the best decisions, it is important to create an environment to give each of your groups a voice.

Family business forums bring individuals together for discussion on the topics that matter to the group. Owners Councils, Boards, Family Assemblies, and Beneficiary Councils each have a different focus. Forums are used to educate each group about the business and the Core Capital. They can be consulted to gauge differing perspectives and to promote inclusion. Forums enhance engagement within your family enterprise and offer clarity about roles and responsibilities.

It is important to build the forums that work for you.

Each family is different, and it is important to establish forums that work specifically for your family and your family business needs.

Download this useful infographic and checklist.

The Building Your Forums infographic offers a visual overview of the different forums, who comprises them, their role within the business, and some of the questions and issues they may address.

The Family Business Forums checklist offers food for thought and practical insight—whether you are looking to establish family forums within your enterprise, considering whether you have the right family forums in place to meet your particular needs, or identifying ways to manage your forums more effectively.