The quality of your decision-making relies on the quality of your meetings.

Decision-making within your family can be difficult. Each individual has differing needs and perspectives, and finding a solution that works for everyone and the business can be challenging.

Considerations include:
Who makes what decisions? How often should they meet?
Who should attend? How are meetings kept on-topic?

ineffective meetings can stunt the growth of your business and family.

Creating an agenda, including the right people, and keeping the conversation on-topic all go a long way toward getting the most from your meetings. Still, conducting effective meeting is often easier said than done. Barriers can prevent key decisions being made. Conflict can arise between decision makers. Difficult conversations can be swept under the rug.

A formal structure means everyone knows what to expect.

Formalizing your family meetings—setting agendas and sticking to them, improving communication between all parties, and setting a structure—are important steps toward reaching the best possible outcome.

Download this useful infographic and checklist.

The Effective Meetings Infographic provides a visual overview of the elements that make effective meetings possible. The infographic also includes several guidelines for conducting effective meetings.

The Guide to Effective Meetings Checklist offers food for thought and practical insight, to ensure the best decisions are made at the right time—and by the right people.

Get the tools you need to ensure your family business meetings are the most effective they can be.